Mission Statement

The Center for Qualitative Research in Psychology and Education was founded originally as Center for Qualitative Psychology in October 1999 in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Tübingen. Its aim is to support further development and enhancement of qualitative research methods in social research, particularly in the psychological field. It is supporting especially socially committed qualitative research, built on the German tradition of qualitative psychology starting since the 1950ies, such as the use of observation, introspection, and interviews.

The center provides social researchers with the opportunity for networking, for enhancing their expertise in annual meetings, and for engagement in international co-operation. The center aims to uphold the German tradition of qualitative psychology as well as to engage in an active scholarly exchange with the international community of researchers applying qualitative methods.

In July 2007 the "Center for Qualitative Psychology e.V." became a registered association with the aims of
- maintaining an European network with international orientation towards qualitative research in psychology, education, and other related fields,
- which is meant to promote as far as possibly a great variety of methods, methodologies, and epistemological viewpoints in social research.

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Actual Information

Meeting 2022: Call for Papers

From March 3-5, 2022 the Faculty of Educacional Sciences and Sports of the Campus Melilla (University of Granada) is the host of the next biannual meeting promoted by the Center for Qualitative Psychology.
The thematic thread of this convention will be "Migration - Identities and Cross-Border Dialogues".

We are waiting for you in Melilla!